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What will the consultation cost?

Initial consultation with our surgeon will cost $200. Medicare rebates apply if you have a referral Follow up consultations after treatment are free of charge.

Vascular ultrasound performed before your consultation will be bulk billed with no out of pocket costs.

Do I need a referral?

A referral to see our surgeon is recommended. This will enable you to claim your Medicare rebate on the consultation and some treatments.

Do I need an ultrasound before my consultation with the surgeon?

All clients who wish to have a consultation with our surgeon will require a pre-consultation ultrasound with our ultrasonographer at South Coast Vein institute.

This ultrasound is bulk billed so there are no out of pocket costs.

What will my out of pocket cost be for treatment?

After consultation with our surgeon you will be provided with a recommendation regarding the best treatment option to address your varicose veins.

Our staff will then provide you with a full quote and obtain financial consent for the recommended treatment.

How long will I need to rest after treatment?

After treatment you will be required to wear compression stocking.

We recommend that after non-surgical treatment of your varicose veins you walk but avoid running and vigorous exercise. You can return to work after treatment.

Can I have my veins treated through the public health system?

South Coast Vein institute is a private clinic offering non-surgical and surgical management of varicose veins.

Unfortunately, this service is not provided in the public hospital system and hence you cannot be placed on a waiting list for treatment.